Colleague UI 4 Will Be Discontinued

The old version of the Colleague UI, Colleague UI 4‚ will be retired on Dec. 31, 2018.

Last year, University Information Services (UIS) introduced the new version of the Colleague User Interface, version 5, to a number of departments and users. We have been happy to see more and more people have made the transition to using that newer version--despite a number of early hiccups along the way (bugs that the vendor acknowledged and that have mostly been fixed).

Since that time, we have continued running the old version 4, to accommodate users who were most affected by those bugs. However, the vendor that provides Colleague has now ceased to support that older version, so we need to have all users permanently shift to UI 5. UIS is setting a deadline of Dec. 31, 2018. Beginning on Jan. 1, the old UI 4 will no longer be available, and after we return from the break, all links referencing it will be removed from Pacific's Online Tools site.

Nearly everybody who uses Colleague has at least logged into UI 5 and seen it. However, if you use Colleague and aren't familiar with the newest version, you can review the UI 5 Quick Tour video to see the new look(you must be logged into Box to view it). All of the same forms (mnemonics) you used before will still be there, with all of the same field— none of the functionality or processing is different. It just has a new look.

And for those who tried UI 5 in its earlier stages and ran into bugs or were slowed down, most of those bugs have been addressed, and it now runs much faster than it did before.

The Helpdesk Knowledgebase has a UI 5 Introduction Resources article that offers tips for getting the best performance out of UI 5 and avoiding some of its finickiness. If you do run into something you think may be a bug, please report it to UIS by sending an email to It's especially helpful if you include screenshots (especially if you're getting an error message, or something looks odd). Also let us know what form (mnemonic) you were using and what you were doing at the time you noticed the symptoms.

If you work off-campus, please take note of this important change: If you need to use UI when you are not on a university campus, you will need to connect using a special virtual private network (VPN), which surrounds your connection with special security that helps protect our most sensitive information and systems. If you have never used a VPN before, it may sound super-techie and complicated, but it honestly isn't nearly as difficult as it sounds. You'll just need to install one extra thing on the computer you're using one time, and after that gets installed, whenever you use UI, you'll have one extra log-in step. The Helpdesk Knowledgebase article can get you started.

Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018