College of Business Launches New Career Development Programs

The Placement Services Office of the College of Business at Pacific University is launching a Passport for Professional Development this fall. Under the direction of Wanda Frazier, Placement Services works to provide business students with ways to explore their career options and best prepare them for internships and career opportunities.

The Passport for Professional Development program was developed by the College of Business in order to offer students the opportunity to grow and develop professionally. The content has been organized in a series of activities designed to broaden each student’s interpersonal skill set, gain emotional and cultural intelligence and to prepare them for success in today’s workforce.

The activities are grouped thematically into 4 main categories: Placement Services, Business Club, the College of Business, and the Career Development Center. This was intentional; students are directed to the different areas to increase awareness of services offered, create a larger sense of community and to be exposed to diverse communication and managerial styles. There are also additional, optional activities listed which the student may or may not choose to complete in order to complete the program.

As the student completes each activity, designated staff, within each category will verify that the activity was completed appropriately and then will date, initial and stamp the student’s “Passport”.

Upon completing the entire Passport, within an academic year, the student receives a certificate, signed by the Dean of the College of Business acknowledging their commitment to professional development. It may be listed on their resume as an accomplishment.

Sep. 20, 2018