Connect with Students as a ‘Minute Mentor’

Do you want to share the story of how you got to your career path and pharmacy position? We would love for you to consider participating in, and inspiring our future pharmacists with an engaging mini-networking opportunity.

The School of Pharmacy is launching a new course elective that will be offered to all P1-P3 students called “Careers in Pharmacy” starting this coming spring term.

In this elective, students will do many things to perform a self-exploration related to potential future career options in pharmacy and hopefully gain a broader understanding of future opportunities post-graduation.

One of the assignments for this careers in pharmacy elective is for students to each reach out to a “minute mentor.” Ideally these mentors will be pharmacists who are willing to discuss with the student his or her career path, education or additional training that he or she acquired to get to their current pharmacy position.

The activity is designed that it should take no more than 30-45 minutes total of student and mentors time and is a one-time activity which can be conducted over the phone, via email, in person, Skype or via any other networking platform.

We are currently recruiting all interested mentors and would love it if you would consider being a “minute mentor.”

Students are instructed to officially contact mentors only one time during that semester, to ensure we are sensitive to the mentor’s time. However, if the mentor-mentee find a longer connection is feasible, they are welcome to cultivate that outside of the class assignment.

Volunteer as a "minute mentor." Should you have any questions or if you have volunteered to be a mentor and wish to change your mind at any time, please feel free to contact Sarah Jane Faro. Thank you so much for considering and for the time investment you will be making in these bright individual’s future.

Nov. 3, 2017