Coping with COVID-19

The distance doesn't matter — we're here for you. No matter where you are, the Student Counseling Center remains open and available to any student.

The SCC provides online coping tools & mental health resiliency tips, teletherapy appointments, referrals. We continue to work on ways to connect with students through virtual outreach.

Contact us if you need support: 503-352-2191 or

Coping with COVID-19 Concerns

We at the Student Counseling Center recognize that it can be difficult to maintain calm in the midst of constantly changing circumstances. We also recognize that it is not realistic to ask ourselves to be calm at all times. It is important to allow ourselves to feel our feelings and at the same time to maintain the regularity of daily activities as much as possible.

Find Our Guidelines for Coping with COVID-19 Concerns in the Pacific Index.

The situation raises many different concerns— Find a variety of resources on the Counseling Center pages.

Teletherapy & Referrals

We are able to provide teletherapy appointments for students located in the state of Oregon whose concerns fall within our scope of practice and for whom teletherapy is an appropriate form of treatment. In cases where SCC staff determine that our current services are not appropriate to meet a student's therapeutic needs, referrals for other services will be provided.

Finding a Counselor Locally

Although the Counseling Center continues to provide mental health services to students, we know some prefer to seek mental health care in your home community

We’ve provided a guide for using your insurance to find a counselor (pdf) help you in navigating your own insurance to find a counselor because we know that it can be confusing to interpret the ins-and-outs of insurance. At the Student Counseling Center, we understand the challenges in this process and we are available to help you along the way if you need.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020