Creating a Survival Toolkit | Episode 2 | Rising from the Margins

I want to introduce you to the idea of creating survival as opposed to self-care kits in today’s video. The reason for this is because the term survival does a better job at reflecting the realities of people of Color. We might not have the time, energy, or money for extravagant objects, activities, or hobbies to nourish our soul. For this reason, I have drawn from the wisdom of clinical psychologists Drs. Hector Y. Adames and Nayeli Y. Chávez-Dueñas and feminist writer and independent scholar Sara Ahmed for survival strategies that are made for and by us.

Rising from the Margins is a weekly web series where Student Counseling Center Staff Psychologist and EDI Outreach Coordinator Dr. Shirley Ley holds space to support students in drawing on the wisdom of their experiences of living in the margins. 

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Friday, May 29, 2020