Diversity Scholarships Support Students and Inclusive Community

Racial inequities in healthcare have been well documented in the United States. 

Nationwide, racial and ethnic minorities are less likely to receive medical care, and they face higher rates of morbidity and mortality. This fact has been even more profoundly illustrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is affecting people of color disproportionately, both in their health and economic wellbeing.

The roots of these inequities are complex, as are the solutions — but one piece of the puzzle is diversifying the healthcare workforce.

At Pacific, we are committed both to preparing caring healthcare providers and addressing diversity, equity and inclusion in our communities.

University-wide, our student body is becoming increasingly diverse. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Pacific offers several scholarships in the colleges of Health Professions and Optometry specifically designed to support people of color in becoming healthcare providers. 

Over the past decade, more than 50 students have pursued these fields at Pacific with support through these diversity scholarships. They include students like Bianca Mendoza OD ’22, who chose to attend the Pacific University College of Optometry largely because of its commitment to providing care for underserved populations through efforts like the EyeVan.

 “The most meaningful part of receiving a scholarship lies within its unspoken message,” Mendoza said. “I have someone who believes in me, my story, my dreams, so much so that they are willing to invest in my education.”

Monday, Feb. 15, 2021