Dr. Rachel Herron '20 Received the APTA – Minority Scholarship Award

Please join us on congratulating Dr. Rachel Herron ’20 for receiving the American Physical Therapy Association's Minority Scholarship Award. The Minority Scholarship Award recognizes physical therapy students currently in their final year of an accredited program for their professional character and academic excellence. This year the APTA’s Honor and Awards Committee selected six students from across the nation to receive this prestigious award. The Physical Therapy Program celebrates Dr. Herron’s accomplishments and recognition.

Dr. Rachel Herron (’20) Received the APTA – Minority Scholarship Award

Dr. Herron shared her thoughts on receiving the Minority Scholarship Award. 

"I am humbled and honored to receive the APTA Minority Scholarship Award. This award validates the collateral beauty that’s emerged from the adversity, and internalized oppression I’ve overcome as a Black Biracial Woman of Color. It validates my journey of healing including my resiliency and evolving self-acceptance of my unique racial identity growing up in predominately white spaces. This award inspires me to reflect upon the transformational power of minorities seeing themselves reflected in mentors. For me, this is highlighted by the profoundly positive impact Dr. Talina Corvus has had on my life. This award encourages me to continue collaborating with my peers, mentors, and mentees about ways we can address systemic inequities within physical therapy for all minorities.

Without the generous support I've received from so many friends, family members and mentors, this award would not have been possible. First and foremost, I’d like to say thank you to my Collective co-founders and advisors Kelsey LaVaute, Jodie Miyamoto, Bryan Llantero, Faith Mbugua, Dr. Rachel Karpelowitz and Dr. Talina Corvus — they uplift me, hold space for me to heal, and validate my experiences as a Woman of Color. Thank you to my sister Nicole, who shows me how to speak my truth and advocate for others and to my brothers AJ and Jayden, who inspire me to effect change for young Black and Brown males. Many thanks to my dad and step-mom, who exemplify how to overcome adversity in the Black Community and to my mom, who encourages me.

I'm also very grateful to Dr. Malin, who's been a wonderful advisor these past three years at Pacific. Additionally, I'd like to thank Drs. Liu, Reyna, Chui, Collective members, and fellow peers at Pacific University whom have all influenced me and helped me grow. Lastly, thank you to my nana and papa, who passed away before I was born, but whose short lifespans motivate me to address health care disparities. Without the sacrifices my grandparents made, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today!"

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020