Fall 2020 Checklist for Returning Undergrads

In light of COVID-19, we will be doing things a bit differently prior to the beginning of the year. All students will be required to complete an online orientation, and students attending the Forest Grove Campus in person also will need to complete a drive-through check-in process when they first arrive on campus. Please review the following information for returning Forest Grove undergraduate students and complete this checklist:

□  Sign Up for Your Move-in/Check-in Appointment
□  Complete Online Orientation
Take the Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Mini-Course
□ Order Your Student ID | New Students Only
Order Your Books
Submit Your Parking Application
Monitor Your Symptoms

Find more information at pacificu.edu/orientation. If you have any questions, please contact us at orientation@pacificu.edu.

Sign Up for Your Move-in/Check-In Appointment

All students who will be on campus are required to complete a pre-scheduled drive-through check-in process.

At this check-in, you will be required to fill out paperwork specific to your arrival and COVID-19. You also will receive your materials, parking permits, pre-ordered textbooks and a wellness kit.

If you are living on campus this fall, you will sign up for a two-hour move-in time period. Your check-in will take place 30 minutes prior to your move-in appointment. Move-in appointments for returning students are available Aug. 23-25 or Aug. 29-30. (Early arrival move-in appointments are available with pre-authorization only.)
Sign Up for Move-in/Check-in | Find Student & Family Move-in Schedules

If you are a commuter student, living off campus but attending the Forest Grove Campus, sign up for a check-in appointment Aug. 23-30, or on Aug. 31, if you do not need to be on campus prior to the first day of classes.
Sign Up for Move-in/Check-in | Find Student & Family Move-in Schedules

If you are studying remotely, you do not need to check in but will be required to participate in the online orientation Aug. 20 or 21.
Sign Up for Remote Learner Orientation

If you are traveling from Hawai‘i on a late-night flight and traveling alone, do not sign up for a move-in time block. Your arrangements have been made through the Hawai‘i Outreach and Programming Office.

Complete Online Orientation

All students also will need to complete a two-part orientation — or re-orientation — to campus. The real-time portion of the re-orientation will take place in person or via Zoom as part of your check-in or move-in. The online component is now available on Moodle.

Complete Online Orientation

Complete the Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Mini-Course

Go to the Pacific University Undergraduate COVID-19 Training and log in using your PUNetID and password. You will be directed to the mini-course. Click “Enroll Me” to self-enroll in the class. You will receive a notification that you have been enrolled and then will be able to take the course. You must complete all sections as well as the assessment. Sections include:

  • Understanding Coronavirus and COVID-19
  • What to Expect When You Are on Campus
  • COVID-19 Training Assessment 

Enroll In and Complete the Training

Order Your Student ID

Each student will need an identification card. Please see these instructions and a short video on how to provide our Campus Public Safety Office with your photo and information. Please drop your photo into this file.

Order Your Books

The Bookstore at Pacific University is ready to accept your book orders. Please see this guide to assist you through the process. If you are a remote learner student, you can have your items shipped to your residence. For those attending on campus, you will receive your pre-ordered books during your check-in. Place your order no later than 48 hours in advance of your arrival to campus.

Place Your Book Order

Submit Your Parking Application

A valid university parking permit is required for all university lots. Parking permits are $50 for the calendar year and will be charged to your student account. If you plan to bring your car to campus, complete a permit applications. You will need your license plate number, as well as the make, model, year and color of your car. Your permit will be delivered to your UC Box.

Apply for Parking Permit

Monitor Your Symptoms

Monitor your health daily before returning to campus. Upon arrival on campus, you will be required to sign an attestation that you have been self-monitoring and have had no COVID-19 symptoms for the previous 14 days. If you are unable to attest to these facts, please delay your arrival and contact us at orientation@pacificu.edu to change your move-in date. You can learn more about symptoms in the training or at pacificu.edu/SymptomMonitoring.

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Saturday, Aug. 15, 2020