Food for All

It came as something of a shock to realize that there were adults in his own community who didn’t know how to boil water.

“To our great surprise, there are just a lot of people who don’t know how to cook,” said Jeri Dobbs ’58. “There are kids who have grown up to 18 and never been in a stable home life and never had anybody show them how to cook.”

That lack of knowledge leads to hunger and waste.

“Too many people go to fast food and spend their money on food that is fattening and not very nutritious,” he said. “If they can go to the grocery store, know how to shop, look for ads in the newspaper, they can go and buy enough food to prepare a nutritious meal at a much lower price.

“If you teach someone how to cook, they can survive pretty readily on their own,” Dobbs said.

Jeri and his wife, Tricia, have been volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank (OFB) for more than a decade, ever since OFB opened its headquarters in northeast Portland back in 2001.

“We were looking around for various volunteer things, because we felt we wanted to give back,” Dobbs said. “We came and took the tour, and we were very impressed by it. We asked if there were any volunteer programs we could get involved with…and we’ve been coming here ever since.”


Aug. 16, 2012