Health Sciences Associate Professor Angela Lee Earns Collection Equity Award from NIH National Library of Medicine

Pacific University’s Health Sciences Librarian and Associate Professor Angela Lee has been awarded the NIH National Library of Medicine’s Collection Equity Award for Region 5.

The $1,500 grant will be used to purchase interactive multimedia or to fund diversity training programs with a goal of advancing key university-wide DEI initiatives. Such products or services could address a range of training needs from recruitment to onboarding to pedagogy.

“I wanted to find products or fund services that were most impactful, whether they be collections or programs, that would be used and reused over and over again,” Lee said.

“This is a small starter fund for a pilot training program sponsored by the Libraries in partnership with other academic offices and groups with diversity priorities.”

Diversity materials supporting cultural awareness and skill-building focusing on multimedia such as podcasts, online webinars/workshops, and live or taped forums help reach audiences that go beyond traditional library materials.

Announced on April 27, 2023, the NIH grant seeks to fund collection development to amplify diverse voices writing on health and medical topics. These collections help provide equitable access to health information, promote health literacy and support outreach in under-resourced communities.

Lee, who works at the Hillsboro Campus Library, won a previous NIH award in 2021, which was used to purchase a collection of consumer health materials as well as BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ health and wellness resources in support of the university’s College of Health Professions curriculum.

Monday, July 3, 2023