Heat Advisory for Monday, June 28

Pacific University campuses remain open Monday, June 28, but employees and students should take precautions due to excessive heat.

Employees are encouraged to work with their supervisors to consider working earlier hours or working remotely where possible.

The National Weather Service is forecasting temperatures exceeding 110 degrees again Monday. While newer campus buildings have adequate air conditioning, some older buildings have no AC or may not be able to efficiently cool at the high temperatures.

If you need to work on campus, please plan to drink plenty of water, avoid strenuous outdoor activity during the hottest parts of the day, and try to work in air conditioned buildings if possible.

  • Operations Updates:
  • Summer student housing in Gilbert Hall is air conditioned.
  • The Forest Grove Market will be closed due to a lack of air conditioning. 
  • The Hillsboro Market will be open normal hours with some limited selections.
Sunday, June 27, 2021