History Professor Larry Lipin Involved in Panel

History Professor Larry Lipin recently participated in a panel discussion at the meeting of the Organization of American Historians in Rhode Island.

The panel was a roundtable on the present state of the literature bridging labor and environmental history. The labor and environmental fields have been increasingly engaged with the one another for the past 15 years, creating and growing influential literature, including the prize winning "Killing for Coal," written by Thomas Andrews. However, the potential for cross-fertilization remains in its very early stages, as labor and environmental historians talk to their own fields rather than each other. The panel Lipin was a part of sought to find paths in which to move literature forward in a way that would merge the insights of both labor and environmental history. 

The panel discussion consisted of two labor historians, including Lapin, and two environmental historians, all of who brought different methodologies to the subject and perspectives to the conversation.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016