How to Handle Hard Conversations Over Thanksgiving

Are you worried about hard conversations over the Thanksgiving dinner table? You're not alone. The Tom McCall Center for Civic Engagement has created a quick guide for managing these conversations, and has recommendations for learning more both on- and off-campus:

  • The MCCE's quick guide for hard conversations over Thanksgiving. It offers a reminder of why hard conversations matter, but also why it's okay for you to "take a pass" this holiday.
  • If you're interested in learning more about how hard conversations and listening can combat toxic division in our country and at our dinner tables, the Listen First Project has resources and events from a wide variety of #ListenFirst coalition members.
  • Do you want the opportunity to build skills for having better hard conversations, benefiting both your personal and professional life? The MCCE can provide class recommendations for upcoming semesters. Email us at to learn more.

Please reach out if you need a resource or support that you don't see listed here:

Monday, Nov. 20, 2023