Interim Director for the Center for a Sustainable Society Named

Dear Faculty and Staff,
I am pleased to announce that David Knaus has agreed to serve as Interim Director of the Center for a Sustainable Society. You may already know David from his work at B Street the past couple of years, where he has served, and will continue to serve, the university as our Farmer Educator.
David is a business professional with extensive experience in a variety of topics related to sustainability. He graduated from the Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor of science in business administration. Since then, David has been involved in a number of sustainability initiatives working with organizations to implement waste reduction strategies, apply energy efficiency analysis, conduct feasibility studies of carbon reducing technologies and undertake the research and development of alternative energy systems. David has also performed program development for a number of non-profits, career development agencies, and K-12 school systems. His efforts have led to effective education programs for low income groups, minorities, people with disabilities and military veterans.
A recognized expert of sustainable agriculture, his work has aided the university's B Street Living Museum and many other projects around the Pacific Northwest. He consults regularly on agriculture operations to solve agronomic problems and mitigate the adverse effects of agriculture on the environment. David has taught for Clark College, Willamette University, Washington State University Extension and has spoken extensively at conferences on topics such as water conservation, local food system development and agriculture innovations.

David has been working over the summer to develop a series of student internships and projects to involve our students in activities of the Center for a Sustainable Society. He is looking forward to connecting the center with each of our campuses and colleges.  If you would like to learn more about the center, David or the university’s sustainability efforts, please feel free to contact David at or stop by his office in Scott Hall.

Best regards,

John S. Miller, PhD
Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Lisa Carstens, PhD
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015