Intramurals & Recreation Launches New Series: Cooking with a Boxer

The Intramurals and Recreation Department is pleased to announce the launch of a new video series — Cooking with a Boxer. A new video is released on Tuesdays on the Instagram account @pacu_rec showcasing a student, staff, or faculty member sharing one of their favorite recipes. Videos range from a few short minutes to an hour. The idea is to build community across campus over food, highlight different clubs, give people new meal ideas and simply have fun cooking!

Videos are accompanied with the recipe for ease to recreate in your own home, wherever that may be. This gives students and employees a chance to share their creative side and inspire others to try new recipes. Students can participate in the series this semester whether studying remotely and cooking from home, or living in the dorms and utilizing the community kitchens. Daneica Muraoka kicked it off with a pork roast in Episode 1, Anthony Manzon taught us about Furikake seasoning in his baked chicken Recipe, and Terina DeFries and Ka’imi Won shared their favorite spam musubi recipe. 

In addition to the video series, Intramurals and Recreation is hosting a monthly virtual cook off. February was the first competition. Students may participate by registering on to access the Zoom Link for the event. A cooking theme is announced prior to the event, along with two required ingredients and the alloted cooking time. For example, February’s theme was breakfast and the two required ingredients were eggs and something red. The time limit was 30 minutes. Chefs logged onto Zoom on Sat, Feb. 27 for the first cook off. Introductions were made, laptops set up, and the 30 minute countdown began. Chefs started flipping eggs, grilling bacon and chopping up spam. Points were awarded based on presentation, aesthetic look, if the required ingredients were used (students may still enter using their own ingredients, but will be docked points), etc. Our very first Boxer Top Chef winner was Hunter Atagi. Not only did he claim the title, but he also won a $20 gift card to Trader Joe’s. He prepared kimchi fried rice with an egg on top. View the full video of the competition on @pacu_rec and keep your eyes out for next month’s cook off!

February Cook Off Winner- Hunter Atagi's Kimchi Fried Rice topped with an egg

Interested in submitting a video for the Cooking with a Boxer series?:

  • Please introduce yourself at the start of the video 
  • Students: your name, year, major, club/sport (if applicable) and the dish you are sharing with us & why
  • Staff/Faculty: your name, role at Pacific and what dish you are sharing with us & why
  • At the start it might be good to say “Welcome to an episode of Cooking with a Boxer” and then go into your intro
  • Film in the horizontal view
  • Only cook with people you live with if you're cooking with others
  • It helps if to have ingredients pre-measured in bowls and ready to go
  • Video should be no more than 60 minutes (the more concise the better)
  • Send Mallory the recipe so it can be posted along with the video        

Questions? Contact Mallory Hiefield, director of Intramurals and Recreation, at

Wednesday, March 10, 2021