Introducing the Pacific Letters Project

Alumni Relations, in collaboration with the Pacific University Theater Department, is proud to announce the Pacific Letters Project.

The Pacific Letters project will be a theatrical presentation of letters written to or from members of the Pacific community as well as excerpts from journals.

Alumni Relations is asking alumni to submit letters and journals for consideration. Once we have received a substantial amount of material, excerpts will be crafted into a script which will be presented and performed by current Pacific students and alumni.

Participants who wish to donate their original materials to Pacific archives should complete and include a copy of the In Kind Donation Form.

Participants who wish to have their original materials returned should include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

If possible, we would prefer original materials to be submitted because we will  ensure the file formats become uniformed.

In addition to submitting the work, we also ask you provide the following information:

Full name of letter writer
Full name of letter recipient
Graduation Year
Contact information for submitter

Materials can be sent to the Office of Alumni Relations by email to or by postal mail to:

Office of Alumni Relations
2043 College Way,
Forest Grove, OR 97116

Thank you in advance to individuals willing to share a slice of their life with the Pacific community.

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013