Ivana Wu '18, PharmD '21: 2021 Excellence in the Basic Sciences from the School of Pharmacy

Ivana Wu '18, PharmD '21Ivana Wu '18, PharmD '21 received the 2021 Excellence in the Basic Sciences Award from the Pacific University School of Pharmacy.

Wu received high praise from the pharmacy science faculty for her commitment to research and her professionalism. “We look forward to having her present and publish her findings and to becoming an influential member of the scientific community,” her nomination said.

She graduated from Pacific University in 2018 with a bachelor’s in chemistry and in May 2021 with a doctor of pharmacy degree.

Fellow pharmacy student Nick Moshirian PharmD '21 is also a recipient of the award.

The Pacific University School of Pharmacy offers a three-year path to a doctor of pharmacy degree that prepares students to earn licensure to work in patient care. The school also offers a master of science in pharmaceutical sciences focused on research.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021