Join the Building Emergency Response Team & Support University Safety

We need more interested individuals to join the Building Emergency Response Teams (BERTs).
If you have already submitted your interest survey, please encourage those around you to check out what it means to be a BERT. We will be holding our first official meeting in just a couple of weeks, but we need more people to support this important program.

What does being a BERT mean?

Are you interested in volunteering as a safety representative for your building at a Pacific University campus?  Would you like to learn more about safety and personal preparedness? Join the Building Emergency Response Team today! 

The BERTs are reimagined teams of engaged, motivated and trained individuals whose mission is to support the overall building safety program by being directly involved in mitigation, preparedness and response efforts for their respective areas.

To get the BERT program started and underway, we need representatives from all buildings and sites. BERT members help by:

  • Assisting with emergency drills
  • Participating in First Aid and CPR/AED training
  • Wearing a really cool, bright yellow vest

The time commitment for BERT members can vary, but should not require more than two to three hours per month. Time is mostly spent participating in training opportunities and assisting with annual safety drills. A tentative timeline of BERT events is listed below.

More detailed information about BERTs is available in the draft Building Emergency Response Team Plan. This plan is available for everyone to review and feedback is welcome.

If you are interested in becoming a BERT member please complete the BERT Member Interest Survey.

Event Schedule:

  • September: Evacuation drill facilitator training (Date TBD)
  • January: Active threat workshop and first aid training (Date TBD)
  • April: Lockdown drill facilitator training (Date TBD)
  • Quarterly meetings: TBD - may align with training opportunities listed above

Questions? Contact Amy Rasmussen at

Monday, Sept. 11, 2023