Jules Boykoff Comments in National Press About Soccer, Climate Change and the Euro Olympics

Professor BoykoffProfessor Jules Boykoff, the chair of Pacific's Politics and Government, continues to be a go-to commenter for national and international outlets.

Most recently, he was quoted in Scientific American about the extreme heat wave plaguing the Women's World Cup in France, and about tournament organizers' efforts to offset the effects of excessive heat.

"I would rather see us deal with the root of the problem than slap on tech fixes," he said.

Last month, he cowrote a piece for The Nation, decrying the choice of Minsk, Belarus, as a venue for the European Olympics. Belarus is a repressive state headed by Alexander Lukashenko, who "has a horrific human-rights record."

"Sports mega-events are photo-op-o-ramas that dictators can convert into political legitimacy," he wrote, with co-author Dave Zirin.

Professor Boykoff is a prolific writer, poet and commentator. You can see his work at his personal site.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019