Lasting Connections: The Phone Works Both Ways!

Alumni PieceHave you talked to your faculty advisor lately?

For most of us, the answer is probably “no.”  Some of us barely talk to our spouses, children or parents! My faculty advisor hasn’t worked at Pacific for over a decade (I’m talking about you, Kenny Jackson). 

We get a newsletter once in a while (like now…). We see the email blasts from the Alumni Association and don’t open them. Maybe we get a “like” on LinkedIn from a faculty member once and a while when we post something smart or do something exciting. 

These are the little reminders that, as alumni, we’ve all built connections with the School of Pharmacy at Pacific University. For at least two years, this was home, and even as P3s we knew we could come back any time and reconnect with our support system of peers, faculty and staff. But do you have a lasting connection to the School? Probably more than you realize!

The 4th floor hallway in Creighton Hall (that’s what it’s been called since 2009, though some of us remember it when it was just HPC) is decorated with examples of these connections. 

Do you remember when:

  • PJ Pitts (’09) was a charter member of Pacific’s Phi Lambda Sigma chapter?
  • Our Phi Delta Chi chapter established annual named awards for Leadership and Outstanding Brother, recognizing Matt Maglalang ’09 and Erika Styles ’09 respectively?
  • Blake Larsen ’14 was recognized with the Dean’s Excellence Award at graduation?
  • Kelley (Thurman) Frey ’19 worked with Dr. John Begert on a poster about naloxone prescribing and dispensing?
  • Rachel (Feierabend) Seitz ’10 was awarded the Preceptor Recognition Award in 2015?
  • The Class of 2016 presented the School with a plaque expressing gratitude for “imbuing us with the knowledge, value [sic] and skills to advance patients care”?
  • Trinh Lee ’11 and Deborah Pham ’11 were awarded the Charles R. Walgreen Excellence Award?
  • Russell Jones ’10 left half a MOTO pizza in the refrigerator with his name on it?

Just this month, the School approved a new Mission statement. I’m not going to give it away, but I’ll share a little preview. It ends with a single word: TOGETHER. We’ve all gone our separate ways since graduation, but together we created a tradition of excellence at Pacific University School of Pharmacy. Together, our legacy provides the foundation and encouragement that current and future students draw upon as they follow our footsteps toward becoming professional pharmacists, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Maybe you haven’t talked to your faculty advisor in a while. Maybe you aren’t following the School of Pharmacy on social media. Maybe you don’t want that pizza anymore (Russell Jones). But you have a lasting connection to the School and if you ever find yourself looking for new opportunities, seeking advice or resources for some new endeavor, looking for a way to give back, or you just want to drop by and say “hi,” there will always be someone here to welcome you, to help you, and to celebrate you.  Let us know how you’re doing!  If you don’t know who to contact, just contact You never know who’s on the other end. HINT: it’s Ms. Hess (or Sandy to some of us).

--Ryan Gibbard, PharmD ‘10

Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023