Liquid Hand Sanitizer Survey

Pacific University received large donations of liquid hand sanitizer from community sources during the COVID pandemic. While some of that material was used, much has sat unused and has likely passed its expiration date. The liquid hand sanitizer set for disposal is from several sources with Hood River Distillers being a primary source. We only plan to collect liquid hand sanitizer (an example) not hand sanitizers containing gels, examples being Purell® or germ-X®.

As this ethanol-based liquid hand sanitizer is considered a hazardous substance it needs to be disposed of responsibly. However, before we can arrange for disposal, we need an estimate of how much hand sanitizer remains on campus. 

To help us with this, please complete this survey to help determine how much unwanted liquid hand sanitizer remains on the Forest Grove campus. We plan to host a collection event so if you have hand sanitizer to dispose, please also select your availability to help out in early 2023.

Monday, Dec. 5, 2022