Listen To Your Gut | Episode 4, Rising from the Margins

In our Western, white-centered culture, we place a strong emphasis on logic, analytical thinking, and the scientific method. This means that we only acknowledge something is valuable, worthy of our attention and knowledge when it is observable and measurable. Human experiences like emotion and knowing through our gut sense or bodily sensations are often devalued and disregarded. This is a detriment to those who come from cultures where their way of knowing and navigating the world is based on a feeling, intuition, or suspicion. Join me in today’s conversation on the importance of listening to your gut when countering and resisting oppression and hate.

Rising from the Margins is a weekly web series where Student Counseling Center Staff Psychologist and EDI Outreach Coordinator Dr. Shirley Ley holds space to support students in drawing on the wisdom of their experiences of living in the margins. 

The Rising from the Margins video series is available to Pacific University students and employees. Log in with your PUNetID to watch the videos.

Thursday, June 11, 2020