Lockdown Drills and Lessons Learned

Each year facilitators activate evacuation and lockdown drills on the Hillsboro and Forest Grove campuses. The most recent lockdown drills have provided a lot of critical information that will be used by Emergency Management, Campus Public Safety and Facilities in future improvement planning. Although we continue to gather additional feedback from facilitators and participants, we are seeing a recurrence of certain topics and areas for improvement. In the list below are key details that we continue to provide education and outreach around and that are key for your personal safety and preparedness.  lease read on to see how you can work to further ensure your safety while we continue to make improvements as well.

If you would like to provide feedback regarding the recent drills please fill out the appropriate survey. All information collected is included in an after action report and recommendations are included in the comprehensive improvement plan managed by Business Continuity/Emergency Management (BCEM). If you are unable to open the form please email Amy Rasmussen for a word document version.

Forest Grove Campus Lockdown Survey
Hillsboro Campus Lockdown Survey


  • All current Pacific University students and employees are automatically enrolled into Boxer Alerts.
  • If you are NOT receiving these alerts on your phone and in email please sign in to Boxer Alerts to set up or edit your alert settings.
  • When you receive a Boxer Alert, assist by informing those around you who may not have seen, heard or received the alert.
  • Boxer Alerts are currently received via email and cell phone. Coming soon we will have the ability to alert via desktop computer and desk phones.  Stay tuned!


During a lockdown, all occupants should shelter-in-place. Sheltering in place during a lockdown drill means: lock the door, lights out and stay out of sight. Additional personal preparedness information can be found on the Active Threat Incidents webpage.

During a lockdown drill or actual live scenario it is important to follow all of the lockdown procedures. Key actions include:

  • Find a secure room or other place to hide, ideally one that that is well-hidden and well-protected. 
  • Close and lock the door – if the door does not lock, try to barricade the door with heavy objects.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Draw any shades or blinds.
  • Silence your cell phone and any other devices that make noise (e.g. TV, radio, etc.).
  • Get out of sight (e.g. under a desk, in a closet, etc.) and not be visible from the outside through windows.
  • Remain quiet.
  • If there are multiple people in the room, spread out if possible. This will enable those in the room to engage an intruder if necessary.
  • Call 911 (or text where available) if you can safely do so.
  • Stay in place until given an all clear by law enforcement personnel or drill administrators.


There has been a lack of participation in recent drills and while these can be inconvenient for some, they are intended to provide life safety training for everyone.  It is very important for faculty, staff and students to model a culture of preparedness with their peers. When we are under stress and navigating a crisis is when we will depend on each other most.

  • If you receive an alert, share that information with everyone in your space.
  • Assist others who may be unsure of what actions to take.
  • Ask for assistance or direction during drills and events.
  • Encourage others to participate.
  • Communicate with your teams, peers, roommates, etc. regarding what you should do in a variety of emergency situations.


Tuesday, April 25, 2023