Make Sure Your Boxer Alert Subscription is Up to Date

The Boxer Alerts service is provided by Pacific University to Pacific faculty, staff, students and other campus community members as a method of communicating timely announcements via mobile phone text messaging, email, and other electronic communication channels.  

Since Boxer Alerts is the official emergency notification system for the university, it is important to routinely check your information and update as needed. You can update your information online at Boxer Alerts.

These notifications are sent to relay emergency communications and provide links to additional information and resources. These notifications are tested twice a year during the annual evacuation and lockdown drills.  

What you should know:

  • All current Pacific University students and employees are automatically enrolled into Boxer Alerts.

  • If your information changes it is your responsibility to update your information.

  • If you are NOT receiving these alerts on your phone and in email please sign in to Boxer Alerts to set up or edit your alert settings.

  • Boxer Alerts are currently received via email, cell phone, and more recently, computer desktops. Currently, Apple computers are not compatible with the system and will not receive desktop alerts.

  • When you receive a Boxer Alert, assist by informing those around you who may not have seen, heard or received the alert.

  • Boxer Alerts are short, succinct messages. When needed and appropriate, additional details, information and available resources will be accessible by following the link provided in the alert

If you have contractors, extended onsite guests or other individuals whom you believe would benefit from receiving Boxer Alerts please contact Amy Rasmussen for additional information.


Tuesday, April 9, 2024