Marketing Students Presented on Online Dating & Revenge Travel at Undergraduate Research Conference

The College of Business made a significant mark at Pacific University's Research Conference, showcasing exceptional academic prowess and innovative research. Students presented the following projects under the mentorship of Lena Cavusoglu, marketing assistant professor. 

(Left to right, Savannah Roddey '24, Lena Cavusoglu, Sarah Ufer '25, Amelia Wojcik '25)

Digital Sisterhood: Unveiling Women's Online Bonding in Dating Dilemmas

One standout project was Digital Sisterhood: Unveiling Women's Online Bonding in Dating Dilemmas, led by Sarah Ufer '25, Cassidy Binder '25, and Amelia Wojcik '25. This ongoing study delves into the transformative power of online communities, focusing on women's online bonding, dating dilemmas, and decision-making dynamics.

The researchers seek a comprehensive understanding of group members' experiences in various aspects of online dating and relationships. Employing netnography, they immerse themselves in the private Facebook group, "Are we dating the same guy?"

The study identifies challenges and dynamics in modern online dating environment and consumption patterns, such as preferences for date-night attire, gift choices and the platforms used for dating. The research seeks to provide marketers insights to tailor their advertising and product offerings to better meet the specific needs and desires of female consumers using online dating and information-exchange platforms.

The Rise of "Revenge Travel"

Another notable project was led by Savannah Roddey '24, K'den McMullin '24, and Alex Lopez '25, focusing on the phenomenon of "Revenge Travel." This trend, marked by a surge in lavish journeys post-pandemic, aims to compensate for missed opportunities during lockdowns. Using netnography, the project seeks to provide insights into the motivations of individuals engaging in this trend by analyzing narratives within online revenge travel discussions. The aftermath of the pandemic has reshaped travel and leisure, and this research sheds light on the evolving tourism landscape, offering valuable insights for the travel and tourism industry.

The College of Business is proud to have supported these remarkable research projects. The mentorship of Lena Cavusoglu and the dedication of the students promise a thriving journey of discovery and innovation.

Friday, Nov. 10, 2023