MBA Success: Zade Al-Khatatbeh

Zade Al-KhatatbehSitting at his desk at a local insurance agency Zade Al-Khatatbeh knew he was going to continue his education soon by earning his MBA. “I wanted to be competitive in the market and earn that edge that most people are not willing to work for,” he recalls thinking. He saw earning his MBA earlier in his career as a way to help develop the skills needed to advance his career towards his goal of finance or consulting management.

As he began looking at Oregon MBA programs, he knew he wanted a program that would align with his work schedule. “The regular full-time MBA is not realistic for full-time employed workers,” he commented, “…a program that supported my time management was important in my search.”

Through cursory online searches, Al-Khatatbeh found that the schedule for Pacific’s MBA aligned perfectly to his own. He also thought, “Pacific University itself has been around for a long time, with great accounting and business programs,” and knew that the MBA would continue to provide the top-tier education for which Pacific University is known.

Al-Khatatbeh visited the Hillsboro campus as a part of his informational interview to learn more about the Pacific MBA. He remembers, “It was very transparent, supportive, and useful to get a feel of the culture of the university.”

Although graduating several years ago, Al- Khatatbeh fondly recalls, “I enjoyed the cohort format. I made some good friends and found a really supportive group of individuals that give it their all, which impacts you to do well.”

One moment that stands out from the MBA was when a vice president from Nike came in as a guest lecturer. “…we saw the power of influence on slides with only pictures and how being able to present a story, not just a presentation, is truly impactful. It was powerful,” he recalls.

His favorite thing about the Pacific MBA, though were his professors. “I could get support from them …they are truly trying to help you learn.” And the professors saw how far his career was going to grow. Due to a referral from one of these MBA professors, he started a new job as a financial and investment analyst at Bates Group, LLC, during the MBA.

With his career of choice in mind, Al-Khatatbeh “absolutely loved” the applied finance component of the Pacific MBA. The courses were structured with real-world scenarios to help students not only with their careers but with their personal finance and investing as well. He advocates that, “It was practical information that can be used in your life, which is a game-changer.”

Not only did Al-Khatatbeh advance his quantitative skill set in accounting and finance, but he also learned new soft skills. Often overlook in MBA programs, soft skills are crucial in most careers. “I learned new strategies and became comfortable with ambiguity in my daily work,” Al-Khatatbeh recognizes, “Now, as a leader, I’m able to handle critical situations in the best way possible.”

Al-Khatatbeh took all he learned in the MBA and moved through roles as an analyst, financial consultant, and now as a financial strategy consultant at one of the largest healthcare providers in Oregon. But with all of his success, he feels that “…further education gives you the competitive edge.” That is why, since finishing his MBA, he has enrolled in a Masters of Science in Finance (MSF) program at Johns Hopkins University and earned a Graduate Certificate in financial management. He is also currently pursuing certifications in financial modeling and accounting.

“Education doesn’t end with undergrad,” Al-Khatatbeh insists, “It is truly a life-long commitment…reinvesting the time and energy into yourself is absolutely worth it. The Pacific MBA was the best choice for my career advancement, and I know my success will continue to shape the notoriety of the MBA programs.”

The Pacific MBA program continues to grow on the foundation of influential graduates like Zade Al-Khatatbeh. Connect with him on LinkedIn to see where his career continues to go.

Friday, Sept. 18, 2020