MCCE Presents: 2022 Engaged Staff Award Winner Becca Ellenbecker

Becca Ellenbecker was awarded the Engaged Staff Award on May 3 at the 2022 Community Collaboration Celebration.

Ellenbecker is known to many for her dedication to students and her commitment to supporting them during times of transition. She has stepped up in multiple circumstances where thoughtful, student-centered leadership was needed for example, serving as the interim director of the Center for Gender Equity, and taking over planning of Music in May. 

"Becca has gone out of her way to support students when they need her. She is an advisor, administrator, organizer, and one of our biggest supporters. She always has an ear or an answer for us when we have questions,"  said the student who nominated Ellenbecker.

"After the music librarian, Santha Zaik passed away last summer, she took on the organization of Music in May, the music department's annual event for high school students.

Becca is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and is very active on campus with students who identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She is the advisor for their club.

She organizes the Music Ambassador program, which is essential to our recruiting new music students. And I personally could not have gotten through the last two years without her support.

When I was struggling, she reached out to offer me help that I did not even know was available to get me through a rough time. Becca deserves to be recognized for her dedication to all of the students that know her. She is a light in our lives."

Her peers in the School of Arts and Humanities agree. They collectively noted, "Becca Ellenbecker is the glue that holds together the Music Department not only in practical ways, but through her centering of relational care with everyone she encounters. Her sense of humor and willingness to be someone's "person" when they are looking for support are two of her best traits. She is never without a smile and is always willing to step in whenever a sudden need comes up. Becca is a gem — endlessly kind, creative, thoughtful, collaborative, and sharp! She deserves to be celebrated."

Please join us in congratulating Becca Ellenbecker for her collaborative nature and effective civic engagement efforts which are uniquely impactful on our campus and in surrounding communities!

Friday, May 6, 2022