Meet Your 2021-2023 Pacific Staff Senate

Thank you to all who voted in the recent Staff Senate elections. We are pleased to announce the following eight new staff members who have been elected for a two-year term to the Staff Senate which begins June 16.   CH2

Rachel Cadd, Forest Grove 
Kelsey Delanoy, Forest Grove 
Katie Lardy, Forest Grove 
Vicki McGee, Forest Grove 
Peter Morgan, Forest Grove 
Rudy Sanchez, Forest Grove 
Stephen Shores, Forest Grove/Hillsboro
Amber Vanzant, Hillsboro 

Congratulations to the new senators and our sincere thanks to all who were nominated and those who voted! 

Staff Senate meetings are open to all staff members at Pacific. During this season of social distancing due to COVID-19, meetings are held by Zoom. Email to request the Zoom link for upcoming meetings.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021