In Memory: Samuel Seskin MFA '16

Samuel Seskin MFA ’16 died in Sept. 2018, at the age of 68, shortly after the publication of his new poetry collection, To Have Been Snowed On.

He was a transportation consultant for over 40 years, and worked with organizations nationally and internationally on projects that integrated transportation, smart growth, and sustainable development. His projects won awards from the American Planning Association and the US Environmental Protection Agency. He also won an award for excellence in leadership for the development of Greenroads, a global rating system for sustainable roadway design and construction. He led the development of Mosaic, an innovative system and project-planning method and tool for Oregon Department of Transportation (DOT). For the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) he led the development of the first national guidance document focused on sustainable roadway planning, development, operations and maintenance.

He attended Pacific and earned an MFA nearly 40 years after receiving his master of public affairs and urban planning from Princeton University. He will be missed for his generosity and kind heart.

Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018