In Memory: Steven James Cool

Steven James Cool, former Pacific professor, died August 1, 2019 at age 78. He joined Pacific's College of Optometry in 1979. Cool was loved by many for his ability to share knowledge in a way that encouraged learners to see things in a different light and that pushed students out of the dull glare of rote learning into that charged light of discovery.

In 1987, he taught in the School of Steven James CoolClinical Psychology and the School of Occupational Therapy. It was within the discipline of Occupational Therapy (OT) that Cool found his greatest love of teaching. He greatly admired the ability of OT to apply all that he professed regarding the human nervous system, the human spirit, and the plasticity of the brain as it adapts to life.

As a young man of the 1960's, Cool committed himself to social justice and to the service of humanity. He was a compassionate, kind, generous, and gentle man of exceptional integrity. 

He is survived and deeply mourned by his wife Molly McEwen; sister Patricia (Patti) L. Cool; brother, Howard A. Cool; son William (Bill); son Anthony (Tony) and his wife Jessica of Phoenix, Ariz.; and grandchildren Shalequa and Tarik of Phoenix.     

Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019