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In Memoriam: L. James Rochovitz '60, OD '61
Ranae Bertrand '16 & Josiah Hanson '18
Josiah Hanson '18 and Ranae Bertrand '16 were married on May 15, 2021, at Gray Gables Estate in Portland, Ore.
water droplet
Pacific is working with the city of Forest Grove to conserve water. Beginning Monday, June 20, the university is shutting down the irrigation system on the Forest Grove Campus and will not be watering the lawn or plants for approximately one week. Water will still be available to students on campus in summer housing.
Twenty years ago, Gina Bell ʼ00 was building roads and diversifying crops with the Peace Corps in Paraguay. She didn’t expect this work to lead to her current managerial position with the city of Dubuque.
Larry Feign MFA '12
Larry Feign MFA '12 is slated to publish his first novel for adults, The Flower Boat Girl.
Cynthia Aguilar PharmD '12 will help open a new pharmacy in Garberville, Calif., in June 2021.
In Memoriam: Jerrold Ross '66
Easton Bennett MAT '21 New Manager for Silverton High School
In Memoriam: Marla (Mort) Plecha OD '01
Mike Young OD '11 joined Bonner Eye Clinic in Grand Rapids, Minn., in June 2021.