New Calendar Brings Customized Event Feeds and Website Integration

A brand-new online calendar is launching August 5 with a host of requested features, customization options and a clean visual style.

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The new online calendar will have the functionality of the leading popular third-party platforms with the added benefit of full integration with the Pacific University website at

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It was built in-house by the Marketing & Communications Web Team, allowing it to be customized for Pacific University and giving our community easy access to user training and technical support.

Anyone with a PUNetID — students, faculty, staff — will be able to submit events to the main calendar, as well as customized event feeds located throughout the site. 

Simple Calendar Interface

Check out upcoming events at a glance with the main calendar feed. Filter by location or by tag using simple checkboxes. Jump to a certain day or use search to find exactly what you're looking for. 

Customized Event Feeds

Add a calendar feed to any webpage. Target your audience with precision by choosing from an extensive list of calendar tags. Don't see a tag that fits your webpage or have an idea for a new event feed? Email to request a tag.

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Featured Event Pages

Go beyond a simple event feed to create a curated page to highlight featured events. Teaser photos and event descriptions showcase events for your audience.

What Next?

Find Training & Support | No training is required to start using the calendar; all users with a PUNetID will have access to create and submit events for publishing. Video tutorials will be posted online and live training demonstrations will be offered at the Forest Grove and Hillsboro Campus. Need to edit main webpages? Basic web editor training includes page, news and calendar training.

No Change to EMS Room Scheduling | EMS Room Scheduling will remain the same and users will still need to book rooms separate from creating event posts. Please make sure your room is booked and confirmed before submitting a calendar event. The new online calendar replaces the third-party "master calendar" system, a separate EMS product. 

For questions about room scheduling or event planning, contact Conferences & Event Support Services at

Calendar Event Migration | Is your event already on the online calendar? All events will be transferred over. Need to add a new event? Email Once the new calendar is live, review your existing events to take advantage of the new design.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019