New Research Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Sciences in School of Pharmacy

I am pleased to share with you of a new Fellowship position at our School. Thanks to Associate Vice Provost and Executive Dean Ann Barr-Gillespie and other members of the upper administration’s support to research, combined with our healthy budget, we were able to generate a one-year Research Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Sciences. This position has been posted to the University's job board, and we will begin the search immediately. There are already two recent graduates from the School of Pharmacy Class of 2018 who have shown interest in this kind of position. Please have a look at the position description on the Human Resources site and encourage any interested graduates to apply.  

This position is funded only for one year and will end on June 30th, 2019. Associate Dean for Pharmaceutical Sciences Sigrid Roberts will oversee the search, and the Research Fellow will report to Sigrid. The Fellow will function similarly to our pharmacy Fellows: they will be trained to provide teaching and service and to conduct research. This is another example of our School’s dedication to promote post-graduate training, train PharmD graduates in research, and serve the academy by producing tomorrow’s faculty. Dr. Roberts will approach 2-3 faculty/staff soon to assist her in recruiting a qualified Fellow, and our hope is to have a Fellow onboard by the end of August.

I would like to thank Dr. Roberts and Rita Barton for their help with generating this position.  

Aug. 2, 2018