In the News: Sportsnet Names Jules Boykoff's "Power Games" Among its 2016 Books of the Year

Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics, by Pacific University Politics & Government professor and department chair Jules Boykoff, has been named one of the "Best Sports Books of 2016" by Canadian sports media giant Sportsnet.

Writer Jeff Blair said Boykoff's work "is full of anecdotes such as the fact that the founders of the modern Olympic movement—for all their myriad personal and ethical shortcomings—warned early and often about "gigantism," and the risk of the Games becoming so big they would implode." Blair goes on to note that Boykoff "suggests a way forward that makes too much sense to ignore."

An internationally renowned scholar in the politics of international sport, Boykoff provided extensive analysis of the 2016 Rio Olympics to media agencies across the globe.

Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016