Origins, Mission and Vision Statements Celebrate Pacific Values

Pacific University has a new origins, mission and vision statement.

The new statement was developed through months of deep discussion by members of the university community working to identify the essence of Pacific University and its path forward. It was approved in May by the Pacific University Board of Trustees.

The origins statement harkens to our past. It remembers and honors our roots in an orphanage and school that helped us become a “close nurturing environment that leads to genuine transformation in students’ lives.”

Our mission recognizes our commitment to being a “diverse and sustainable community dedicated discovery and excellence in teaching, scholarship and practice” that “inspires students to think, create, care and pursue justice in our world.”

Our vision calls for us to “embrace discovery as an essential characteristic of teaching, learning, scholarship, practice and creative expression.” It reminds us that we achieve excellence “by investing in exceptional people.” It challenges us to “embrace a rich diversity of ideas, peoples and cultures” and to “incorporate sustainability into all of our endeavors.”

Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012