Pacific Adjusts COVID-19 Protocols During Oregon Social Gathering 'Pause'

On Friday, Oregon announced an upcoming two-week “pause” on social activities for several counties experiencing high rates of COVID-19 infection.

Though the Pacific University community has done an excellent job of controlling the spread of COVID-19 among our students and employees, the high rates in our surrounding communities and the upcoming holiday season make diligence all the more important.

Starting this week, Pacific will make proactive adjustments to follow the guidance associated with the “pause.” Because our procedures are already stringent, these adjustments should not have significant impact on campus activities.

Employees who are able to work remotely will be encouraged to do so. Most who are able are already working remotely, but some additional faculty and staff may transition to temporary remote work.
Social gatherings will be limited to six attendees. Most gathering are currently remote or already small, so this is not expected to change many activities. Unit task forces will review events planned for the coming two weeks and will notify organizers if any changes are needed.
Seating capacity in the dining facility in the University Center will decrease slightly. 
We know how hard this fall has been on our students and employees, and we again sincerely thank you for your patience, flexibility and responsibility in keeping our communities safe.

Last week, while Washington County reported 10.3% of all tests returned positive results, Pacific’s rate was just 2%. Your efforts are making a difference in keeping us healthy.

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we remind everyone to be mindful that the precautions you take now will help protect the family and friends you may see during the holidays.

Please continue to practice good hygiene, physical distancing and mask wearing, not only on campus, but in the community and as you may prepare to travel or see family this holiday season. COVID-19 spreads as easily — and often more easily — among loved ones as among strangers. Your precautions protect you and the people you love.

Monday, Nov. 9, 2020