Pacific Administers Donated COVID-19 Vaccines

This weekend, Pacific University provided a vaccination clinic at its Hillsboro Campus, administering free COVID-19 vaccines for 590 faculty, staff and students identified in the Oregon Health Authority 1A category.

Pacific offers its sincere thanks to Providence and OHSU, who have donated limited doses to help begin vaccination of the university community, as well as to the 120-plus employees, students and alumni who volunteered to run the clinic. 

Pacific is not currently an independent vaccine distributor, but the university will continue partnering with healthcare systems whenever possible to systematically get vaccines to employees and students according to eligibility. Learn More About COVID-19 Vaccines & Pacific’s Plans

Between the donated doses and external vaccination opportunities, Pacific estimates about 1,200 members of the university community have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccines. 

While Pacific is seeking approval to become a vaccine distributor, information about future vaccine availability is unclear. Pacific strongly encourages employees and students who are eligible to take advantage of opportunities in the community. Supervisors are urged to use maximum flexibility to allow employees to obtain vaccines if offered during work hours. 

The Oregon Health Authority offers links to information about local vaccine clinics online. COVID-19 vaccines are typically free through these types of clinics. Find a Vaccine Clinic

Those currently eligible for vaccines include people in all groups of the 1A category, as well as the first group of 1B category. Learn More About Vaccine Distribution from the Oregon Health Authority

If you are able to access a vaccine externally, please let us know here. This private, HIPAA-compliant form will allow Pacific to track vaccination rates of its students and employees and to offer any future vaccine doses to other eligible individuals. Complete the Vaccination Form

Though the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is a relief, it is as important as ever to continue taking precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. Individuals who do get the vaccine may still contract COVID-19 between doses, and they may still be able to carry and transmit it even after the vaccine has reached its maximum efficacy. To protect yourself and our community, please continue following public health precautions, including limiting social gatherings, wearing masks, physical distancing, and practicing good hygiene. 

Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021