Pacific Announces Tuition-Free Extended Semester for Undergrads

On Friday, Pacific University announced a new opportunity for undergraduate students to extend their education — tuition free — to take part in on-campus activities that may be limited this fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Forest Grove undergraduates who are full-time students in the 2020-2021 academic year will be offered the chance to stay at Pacific for an extra semester, tuition-free, immediately following their currently scheduled degree completion date. The extra semester is designed to allow students to take part in performances, ensembles, athletics, community engagement — or just additional coursework — that may be disrupted this fall.

Graduate and professional students who may be delayed due to cancelation of clinical placements also will have the opportunity to complete their program either by spreading tuition over an extended study period, or by completing clinical placements at a later time without incurring extra tuition. The specific plans for these programs will be determined at the program level, so graduate and professional students should contact their program for details.

As Pacific continues to monitor the COVID-19 infection rate in our communities, we are committed to providing the best possible educational pathways while prioritizing the health and safety of our students and employees.

Though Oregon infection rates remain lower than much of the country, recent trends are disappointing. We have reviewed our fall opening plans to assure the maximum flexibility for students to safely continue their Pacific experiences.

Each of our programs has carefully assessed what portions of the curriculum can be provided through distance education and, as a result, students can expect to see a significant portion of their coursework take place online during the fall term.

Graduate/Professional Programs

In our graduate programs, much of the curriculum has already moved online, with clinics and labs taking place in person with protocols in place for physical distancing, personal protective equipment, and frequent equipment cleaning.

Forest Grove Undergraduate Programs

In our Forest Grove undergraduate programs, students have the choice to attend classes on campus or remotely. Our residence halls will be open, but the recent re-assessment of curriculum will mean that more classes may be online only, even for students who choose to study locally. Those that are best delivered in person, such as labs or hands-on learning, will be available both in person and online.

We recognize that some students may prefer to remain at home with more coursework online only. We will waive cancelation fees for students who wish to change their housing contracts for the fall and will also decrease activity and recreation fees.

Tuition Adjustments

Students will receive a grant in acknowledgement of the changes in their educational experiences due to COVID-19. The grants will be about $500, and details will be finalized in the next several weeks.

Supporting our Community

These updates to our fall plans allow the greatest flexibility for students to choose the appropriate learning environments for them while also continuing their progress toward graduation and their career goals. It also will allow us to lower density on our campuses, enhancing safety and meeting the needs of more faculty members to work remotely while still delivering the face-to-face instruction required in our curriculum.

We continue to offer all of our student support structures, providing resources for students who are on campus or remote, including expanded services such as the Student Counseling Center 24/7 Support and Crisis Line, as well as learning support services, remote tutoring, academic and career advising and more — to ensure that students continue to benefit from the close, nurturing relationships at the heart of our mission.

Friday, Aug. 7, 2020