Pacific Awarded Another Grant for Technology Improvements, Thanks to Ted Krupicka

Pacific University's associate chief information officer, Ted Krupicka, continued a string of successful grant applications for the university when he was awarded a $59,825 grant from the Metropolitan Area Communication Commission to fund a variety of technology upgrades, including an expansion of voicemail capabilities for remote users and improvements to the network at the Intermodal Transit Facility in Hillsboro. 

Krupicka made his first successful grant request for Pacific to the MACC in 2002 and has won multiple rounds since, including every year since 2017, sometimes more than once a year. All told, he has secured nearly $758,000 in total funds from the MACC grant program, which supports public, education, and government programming, and use of the public communications network.

Krupicka said grants secured through the MACC program have allowed Pacific to upgrade its telephone systems, firewall, email gateway and many equipment replacements. 

Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023