Pacific Celebrates Earth Week 2014

For years, the administration and student body of Pacific University have focused on campus sustainability, through insisting cafeteria ingredients be purchased locally and offering majors in environmental studies and sustainable design. During no event is this commitment to the environment more obvious than Earth Week, a yearly celebration of all things environment-friendly. This year, gatherings included two “stuff swaps,” where students exchange unwanted items with other students instead of throwing them away; speaker Phil Mote, a climate scientist discussing the politics of climate change; and a vegan bake sale, which is exactly what it sounds like.
Though Earth Week celebrations lasted only seven days, the planning for the events began as early as fall semester. Fallon Harris '14, a sustainable design major, along with the rest of the Environmental & Civic Action (ECA) Core group on campus, has been meeting twice a month since fall in order to pull off the over 15 Earth Week events. This level of early preparation was incredibly important, because as Harris tells it, their ECA-Core attendance fell during the spring, leaving the three seniors in the group mostly alone when wrapping up the planning.

Apr. 22, 2014