Pacific Community Aims To Stop Community Spread

Life has changed at Pacific University in the shadow of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Many students attend classes online; many student-athletes practice their sports, but don’t compete; and university faculty, staff and students are strictly observing COVID-19 protocols, wearing face masks or other protective gear and maintaining physical distance from one another. Even Boxer is sticking with the program.

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Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020
Views from Pacific Orientation leaders (from left):Rachel Guthrie ‘22 Kasey Jarvis ‘21 Becca Rustand ‘21 Esme Alvarez ‘23 Antoine Stitt ‘22 (seated) Ellen Cruise ‘24 Ian Shigezawa ‘22 Selina Rojas ‘23“I’m continuing my education because my main goal is to be a doctor and I feel like I can’t really put that on pause right now.” — Chi Nguyen OD ’22   “I think my biggest motivation is not letting the pandemic be a setback. You know, we’re here learning how to overcome adversity and so overcoming a pandemic is just another thing to do.” — Rachel Hakim ’21Tony Walther, Assistant Athletic Training Coach"For me, it’s hard because it’s different. But I need to keep going because if I can’t get through the challenge right now ... that would make me nervous about challenges later.” — Zachary Van Manen ’23  Gretchen Kowalczyk ’24"It’s a really good time to just practice one’s flexibility. It’s kind of strange, but I think it’s been a good way to sort of bring the campus community together. It’s been a bit of a bonding experience, I feel.” — Charlie Kerns ’21  Outdoor ClassesAnna Mathisen ’18, PA ’22 Views from Pacific full-width