Pacific Hall Update | Week of Aug. 21

The construction team was able to successfully shoot four shear walls the week of Aug. 21, and continue to make steady progress on window installation, framing, brace walls, and MEP rough-in inside the building. In the next couple weeks, we have some upcoming site work along the east of the building to repair the sewer connection and tie in the plumbing for the new fire sprinkler system, and will begin hanging drywall for the new spaces on level 2. The site was closed on Aug. 25 for student move-in. 


Remaining ceiling and piping insulation abatement was completed on Aug. 19, freeing up the remainder of HVAC demo to take this week and next. All demolition activities will be completed by Aug. 31.

Seismic Upgrade

Pacific Hall constructionThe remaining two shear walls on level 1 and first two shear walls on level 2 were completed Aug. 22. The team has scheduled an additional shear wall pour on Aug. 28 to complete the remaining two walls in level 2, zone 1. Zone 2 shotcrete pours are scheduled for Aug. 29 (level 1) and Sept. 6 (level 2). Please be advised that there will be noise from cement trucks and the concrete pumps running consistent with the other shotcrete pours on these dates.

Rebar placement for zone 2 shear walls will be completed by Aug. 29.

Installation of the helical anchors at the brace walls on level 2 is ongoing over the next two weeks, with completion scheduled for Sept. 1. Upon completion of work, the team will rotate downstairs to begin framing and anchor installation on Sept. 6. Remaining anchor testing will happen concurrently with shotcrete inspection on Aug. 29 or Sept. 6.

Steel reinforcement and brace wall installation at the east and west stairwells is scheduled to begin Sept. 14, and continue through most of the remainder of September. This is the final scheduled activity related to the seismic upgrade of the building.

Site Work

Fire sprinkler riser install is scheduled through Sept. 1. Crews will be working outside and making noise in the landscape area east of the building adjacent to Trombley Square.

Sewer connection replacement at Trombley Square is scheduled concurrently with fire sprinkler riser install by Sept. 1. Crews will be working outside and making noise in the landscape area east of the building adjacent to Trombley Square.

Prep work and pouring of the new topping slab at the main entry vestibule will take place through Sept. 6. Crews will be working at the main entry at the SE corner of Pacific Hall. Framing in the new vestibule will take place the following week beginning Sept. 13.


Window installation is ongoing throughout the building. Non-shear wall windows in level 2, zone 2 are scheduled for install the week of Aug. 28.

Window installation around the shear walls will commence upon completion of the shear walls in each zone. Window install at the first two shear walls in the art gallery began during the latter half last week. Shear wall window install is scheduled to continue through most of the month of September.

Interior Work

MEP & fire sprinkler rough-in will continue through Aug. 29. Access control rough-in was completed Aug. 18.Pacific Hall construction

Low-Voltage rough-in for new data cabling on level 2 will begin Aug. 28, and continue through Sept. 15.

Ceiling framing will begin in level 2, zone 1 on Aug. 30, and continue through Sept. 5.

Drywall cover inspections have been rescheduled for Sept. 6. Insulation and drywall installation will commence in level 2, zone 1 immediately following cover inspections on Sept. 7, and continue through Sept. 21.

Painting will begin on level 2 on Sept. 22.

Wall framing & MEP rough-in for the new level 1 restrooms begins Aug. 28, and continues through Sept. 1.

Fire sprinkler rough-in throughout level 1 began on Aug. 22, and will continue over the course of the month of September. During this time, Minority AC will be on-site to core existing ceilings for fire sprinkler head drops.

Upcoming Campus Events & Coordination

  • Aug. 28 | First day of classes for fall semester. The east walkway and fire lane will be closed again for the remainder of the course of construction.
  • Sept. 4 | Labor Day Holiday

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A big welcome to first-year students and welcome back to returning students from the construction team. We’re excited to deliver a new & improved Pacific Hall for you all at the beginning of next year!

Monday, Aug. 28, 2023