Pacific Hall Update | Week of Nov. 6

Finish sequences continue throughout the building, with ceiling framing, equipment & accessory install, and MEPF trim making up the bulk of the work on Level 2, while taping, painting, and ceiling framing are wrapping up on Level 1. Rough cleans will begin next week on Level 2, and floor protection will be removed to make ready for flooring install.

At the main entry, preparation for storefront install is taking place this week while the team waits for the remainder of the storefront parts and pieces to arrive. Upon arrival, the storefront will be put in place, access control wiring will be run, and doors and hardware will be installed, fully enclosing the building.

Around the building’s exterior, exterior joint replacement and brick washing is complete, the final windows have been set, and exterior painting is underway. Once painting is complete on a given elevation, the brick will be sealed, wrapping up the waterproofing and visual refresh of the exterior.

Spaces will begin to come ready for final cleaning, AV install, and furniture moving in mid-December. We are currently working with Walsh Construction to determine when spaces will begin to become available to begin these activities.

As a whole, the building will remain closed for full move-in until substantial completion and temporary occupancy on Jan. 10, 2024. The construction fence comes down the following week on Jan. 17. The project remains on schedule for substantial completion by Jan. 10, and reopening of the building for spring semester on Jan. 29, 2024.

Please see below for the full update.

Site & Exterior Work

  • Remaining joint sealants along the west and south elevations were completed Nov. 7.
  • Brick washing on the north, west, and south elevations was completed during the first half of this week.
  • Exterior painting began Nov. 7 along the east elevation of the building. Campus users will see this work progress over most of the remainder of the month of November, as the team completes roughly one elevation per week. The east elevation were scheduled for completion by Nov. 10, before rotating counterclockwise to the north elevation next week.
  • Brick seal begins at the east elevation Nov. 13. Like previous activities, this work will rotate counterclockwise, following the painting around the building. Brick seal is schedule for completion by Nov. 30.
  • The new handrails at the exterior ramps and stairs will be installed and painted between Nov. 13 – 27.

Interior Finishes, Level 2

  • Ceiling framing is wrapping up this week, with completion scheduled by Nov. 10.
  • Whiteboards were installed this week, with completion scheduled by Nov. 10.
  • Remaining windowsills, cabinets, and countertops, and fire extinguisher cabinets were installed this week.
  • Remaining MEPF trim at cloud ceiling locations will be installed between Nov. 13 –15.
  • Rough clean began Thursday, Nov. 9, in Zone 2, and will continue throughout Level 2 through Wednesday, Nov. 15.
  • Doors and hardware will be installed from Nov. 13 to 21.
  • Flooring will be installed from Nov. 13 to 21.
  • Wall protection will be installed in Zone 1 on Nov. 7, and in Zone 2 on Nov. 22.
  • Storefront for the new pods and conference rooms will be installed from Nov. 15 to 20.
  • Window glazing film will be installed Nov. 16 in Zone 2, and Nov. 20 in Zone 1.
  • Concrete floor polishing will take place Tuesday, Nov. 21 – Friday, Dec. 1.
  • Ceiling tile will be installed Thursday, Nov. 30 – Tuesday, Dec. 5.
  • Signage & tack boards will be installed Friday, Dec. 1 – Tuesday, Dec. 5.
  • Level 2 final cleans and Walsh punch are scheduled for Friday, Dec. 1 – Monday, Dec. 11.

Interior Finishes, Level 1

  • Taping on Level 1 is wrapping up this week and into early next, with completion scheduled by Nov. 14.
  • Painting began Wednesday, November 8 and will continue through Nov. 21.
  • Merit continues to replace light fixtures removed for fire sprinkler work throughout Level 2. This work is currently scheduled to continue through the end of November, but based on the pace of progress so far, the team is aiming to complete this work ahead of schedule.
  • Ceiling framing will take place from Nov. 13 – to 16 in Zone 1, and on Nov. 22 in Zone 2.
  • Door frames will be prepped & painted on Nov. 13 & 14. Doors and hardware will be installed from Nov. 15 to 17.
  • Stair handrails and railings will be installed Nov. 9- 15
  • Remaining MEPF trim will be completed Nov. 20-21 in Zone, 1, and Nov. 27-28 in Zone 2.
  • The main stair scaffolding will be removed Nov. 20.
  • Level 1 rough cleans are scheduled for Nov. 20 – 22 in Zone 1, and Nov. 28 – 30 in Zone 2.
  • Ceiling tile will be installed Nov. 27 – Dec. 4.
  • Flooring install and patch-back is scheduled for Nov. 27 – Dec. 4.
  • Cawein Gallery floor polishing is scheduled for Dec. 4 – 6.
  • Signage will be installed Dec. 4 – 8.
  • Final clean is scheduled for Dec. 7 – 12 in Zone 1.

Entry & Lobby

  • Preparations for main entry storefront install were completed this week. Storefront, doors, hardware, and access control wiring will be installed pending arrival of the remaining storefront pieces and parts.
  • Drywall and taping will take place over the course of the next two weeks, from Nov. 13 to 22.
  • Painting will take place Monday, Nov. 27 & Tuesday, Nov. 28.
  • Acoustic ceiling panels will be installed at the lobby Monday, Nov. 27 & Tuesday, Nov. 28.
  • MEPF trim will be installed from Wednesday, Nov. 29 – Friday, Dec. 1.
  • Concrete floor polishing at the lobby is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 4 – Friday, Dec. 8.

New Restrooms

  • Painting in the new restrooms was completed Tuesday, Nov. 7.
  • Tiling began Monday, November 6 and will continue through Tuesday, Nov. 14.
  • Bathroom accessories will be installed Nov. 15 –17.
  • Concrete floor polishing will take place Nov. 20 & 21.
  • MEPF trim will be installed Nov. 21 & 22.
  • Final clean for the new restrooms is scheduled immediately before Level 1 final cleans, Dec.4-6.

Existing L1 Restrooms

  • Partitions have been field measured, ordered, and are in the process of being fabricated. They are scheduled for delivery by the first week of December.
  • Plaster rework is wrapping up this week, with completion scheduled by Nov. 10.
  • Tiling begins next week, and will take place between Nov. 15-28.
  • Floor painting with new epoxy coating will take place between Nov. 29 – Dec. 6.
  • MEPF trim will be installed from Dec. 7 to 11.

Upcoming Events, Holidays, and Campus Coordination

Thanksgiving Holiday. Campus closed. No construction activities scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 23 or Friday, Nov. 24.

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Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2023