Pacific Hall Update | Week of Sept. 18

The construction team is wrapping up interior concrete work this week and early next with the final floor slab pour scheduled for Sept. 25. Window installation is complete on level 2, and the team continues to make rapid progress on window install on level 1. Inside the building, the team passed the first electrical cover inspection on level 2, freeing up drywall to begin upstairs as soon as next week. MEP, low-voltage & fire sprinkler work continues throughout as they continue to make way towards finish sequence in these areas.

Seismic Upgrade

Pacific Hall Stairway constructionFinal floor slab pour back on level 1, zone 1 took place on Sept. 19. The final pour back in level 1, zone 2 is scheduled for Sept. 25. This will conclude all interior concrete work for the project.

Steel reinforcement is complete at the east and west stairwells, and scaffolding is being constructed this week to allow for brace wall work to begin towards the end of this week and into early next. Framing is slated to take place on Sept. 25 and 26, with helical anchor installation to follow from Sept. 27 to Oct. 2.

All brace walls on level 1 have been framed, and helical anchors are being installed this week. Completion of the helical anchors is scheduled by Sept. 22.

All activities related to the seismic upgrade of the building are scheduled for completion by Oct. 2. This is a significant milestone in creating a safer Pacific Hall.

Site & Exterior Work

Demolition at the existing ramps and stairs at the main entry and east stairwell took place on Sept. 21. Prep work for the new accessible ramps and walkways will proceed from Sept. 22 to 26. The concrete pour for the new ramps is scheduled for Sept. 27 weather permitting.

Installation of the railings at the new ramp and stairway will take place from Sept. 28 to Oct. 10.

Demo and saw cutting of the existing roofing for installation of the new mechanical curb and RTU is taking place on Sept. 20 and 25. Installation of the mechanical curb will follow on Sept. 26 and 27. The new RTU is scheduled to arrive Sept. 29 for install the following on Oct. 2.

WindowsPacific Hall construction

Window installation is complete on level 2. Window installation on level 1 is underway and ongoing over the next several weeks, with the final windows begin set by Oct. 18. Final air seal and flashing on level 1 will conclude by Nov. 1, wrapping up all activities related to window install.

Entry & Lobby

Prep work for the topping slab at the main entry is scheduled from Sept. 20 to 22. The slab pours themselves are scheduled for this coming Sept. 25 to 27. Please be advised that there will be concrete trucks on-site using the north fire lane and pouring concrete at the main entry on these dates. Slab grinding will take place on Sept. 28 and 29 and will produce noise at the main entry.

Framing, Electrical and fire sprinkler rough-in at the main entry and lobby is scheduled for the week of Oct. 2.

Ceiling painting is scheduled for Oct. 6 to 10. ACT ceilings will be framed on Oct. 16 and 17. Lobby cover inspection is scheduled for Oct. 20.

Interior Finishes

Electrical wall cover inspections on level 2 passed this week, freeing up drywall work to begin throughout level 2 this coming Sept. 25.

Insulation will be installed ahead of drywall hanging on Sept. 25 and 28. Drywall hanging will continue over the course of next week and over the first two weeks of October, with completion by Oct. 10. Taping is scheduled for Oct. 3 to 11 in zone 1, and Oct. 12 to 20 in zone 2.

Level 2 finish sequence will continue from the end of taping, with painting of drywall and exposed corridor ceilings scheduled for Oct. 12 to 18 in zone 1.

Pacific Hall construction interiorSoffit framing on level 2 is ongoing over the course of this week and into early next, with completion scheduled for Sept. 26.

On level 1, fire sprinkler rough-in is ongoing over the course of the next three weeks. Rough-in is scheduled for completion by Oct. 6. Minority AC is scheduled to return to the site on Oct. 2 (zone 1) and Oct. 9 (zone 2) to perform the ceiling coring in existing ceilings for the new sprinkler heads.

MEP and low-voltage rough-in will recommence Sept. 26 and wrap up by Oct. 2. Level 1 cover inspections are scheduled for Oct. 2 and 3.

Insulation and drywall in level 1, zone 1 will begin from Oct. 2 and continue through the second week of October. Taping will follow, commencing on Oct. 17.

Remaining framing and backing on level 1 is scheduled for Sept. 25 through the end of next week.

Floor polishing in the art gallery will take place during the week of Oct. 2.

MEP rough-in for the new level 1 restrooms is ongoing over the next two weeks, with completion scheduled for Sept. 29 and cover inspection scheduled for Oct. 2. Drywall and tile backer is scheduled for Oct. 10 to 13, with taping to take place the following week.

Upcoming Campus Events & Coordination

  • Sept. 23 | Oktoberfest. Site to be closed and secured for the weekend in typical fashion. Event preparations will not impact the project during the week leading up to the event.

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