Pacific Prepares for Fall 2020

Pacific University is committed to offering our rigorous and personally meaningful academic programs for students this fall.

As Oregon prepares to gradually reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing Gov. Brown’s plan by exploring every option to ensure that our students experience a Pacific education while staying safe and healthy.

Our world needs healthcare providers, teachers, and community leaders more than ever — and we are here to help our students become these professionals.

Our first choice is, of course, the personal, face-to-face academic and social experience that is at the cornerstone of so many of our undergraduate and graduate programs

This summer, we plan to carefully resume limited in-person instruction for healthcare students for those skills that cannot be taught via distance delivery, knowing that the need for qualified health professionals has never been greater. With the resumption of non-essential healthcare practices in Oregon, we also look forward to reopening our community clinics to care for our underserved communities and prepare our students for their careers.

We also will provide summer housing to a limited number of undergraduate and graduate students. Details are available online, and the summer housing deadline is 9 a.m. Monday, May 4. Applications submitted after that time will be considered pending availability. Applications are available by contacting

At this time, we plan to launch our fall terms on campus, with appropriate adjustments. We know some aspects of campus life will look different in the early phases of reopening.

Large gatherings, like Commencement ceremonies, are almost certainly several months off. Likewise, international travel is likely to be discouraged for at least the fall semester. To help our students plan accordingly, we are canceling semester-long study abroad for the fall, as well as international clinical placements through September

As we return to in-person academics, we will do everything we can to create safe learning environments. We are limiting any large classes (the nature of our programs means most of our classes are already small) and reconfiguring classrooms and residence halls to provide more space for social distancing. And, we are preparing contingency plans to ensure that we are here for you no matter what

Pacific University has survived and thrived for more than 170 years because we know how to adapt and innovate. We are committed to providing a nurturing learning environment that leads to genuine transformation in our students’ lives and in our global community.

We will be here in Fall 2020 and far beyond to help you take the next steps toward your future.

Monday, April 27, 2020