Pacific Professor Lorely French Publishes First English Version of Romani Holocaust Survivor's Memoir

Memoirs coverPacific University Professor Lorely French, who teaches German, International Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies, has published the first English-language translation of the memoirs of Ceija Stojka, an Austrian artist, activist and a child survivor of the Holocaust. 

From ages 9 to 12, Stojka was moved from camp to camp, and remembers wondering "Is this the whole world?" The memoir, written much later in life, traces her life navigating the years in concentration camps and afterward, as she became the spokesperson for Romani who were persecuted by the Nazis. Stojka was celebrated later in life and after her death in 2013 for articulating an oft-overlooked perspective on the Second World War, and on the plight of the Romani people.

French provides the first English-language version of her memoirs. It is available hardcover and Kindle formats.

Monday, Dec. 12, 2022