Pacific Temporarily Suspends In-Person Instruction

Pacific Temporarily Suspends All In-Person Instruction During the Week of March 16, Dates of Resumption Vary

Pacific University will suspend all in-person instruction, including courses, exams and labs, during the week of March 16-20 as we move courses to distance or online instruction. Some programs will immediately begin distance delivery on March 16, while others will cancel to allow for the transition, resuming no later than April 1. 

The university will use virtual delivery methods for the remainder of the spring term, with in-person instructional laboratories, and high-stakes examinations/assessments for some graduate programs potentially occurring on campus if absolutely necessary.

Pacific announced Friday that undergraduate courses in the colleges of Arts & Sciences and Business would extend spring break to begin March 16, resuming online on April 1. Today’s announcement extends the temporary suspension of in-person instruction to courses, exams and labs across all colleges.

In addition to supporting social distancing recommendations, we are committed to ensuring that students continue to receive the best educational opportunities possible as we move to substantial online delivery for the remainder of the spring semester.

Find specific program details online. Programs also will be providing details to students directly.

Campus Services Continue, Plan for Remainder of Semester

Pacific University’s campuses remain open, and residential students are allowed to stay in their residence halls to the end of their contract.

We are working to provide as many campus services as possible while also encouraging social distancing.

Some services and facilities access will be limited starting March 16 through the end of spring break to allow for cleaning and to help staff plan for how to continue operations after April 1, when all classes go online for the remainder of the semester.

Find more details and hours online.

Pacific Expands Online Tools for Employees

All Pacific employees now have access to paid host licenses at There will be no charge to departments for these additional licenses. Anyone with trouble accessing the paid host account, contact UIS.

Find more resources for using Zoom and other online teaching tools online.

Sunday, March 15, 2020