Pacific University’s Story from a Pacific Family

While the story of Pacific University has been written before, a posthumous publication provides the perspective of an author who was married to a Pacific University president, earned a degree from Pacific University, taught at Pacific, and befriended the children and grandchildren of the university’s founders: Marion Fisk Giersbach.

A College Grows in Oregon: The Splendid Audacity of Pacific University is Giersbach’s account of the men and women who were integral to the founding of Pacific. The book is based on her personal research and conversations with the founders’ families—most notably Wheelock Marsh, the eldest son of Sidney Harper Marsh, first president of the university—and Giersbach’s narrative is largely built around the correspondence and personal writings of these men and women. Giersbach completed the manuscript shortly before her death in 1991 and her son, Walter Fisk Giersbach, has edited the manuscript and prepared it for publication. Walter Giersbach grew up while his parents were at Pacific University and also knew many of the founders’ children that his mother drew on as sources for the book. In order to share Marion’s work most broadly, Walter has partnered with Bee Tree Books, a cooperative publishing service of the Pacific University Libraries.

About Marion Fisk Giersbach

Marion Fisk Giersbach was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Sabetha, KS, Chester, VT, and Cleveland Heights, OH. She received a diploma in children’s education at Oberlin College in 1922. In 1926-27, she studied dramatics and music at Bush Conservatory in Chicago.  In 1928, she married Walter C. Giersbach, DD, PhD. Her education continued at the Cleveland Art School in 1930 before receiving her BA degree in English from Pacific University in 1946.

Her career included teaching kindergarten and elementary school in Youngstown and Cleveland; serving as a cartographer and researcher at Chicago Theological Seminary; and teaching a summer course in Oregon history at Pacific in the 1940s. 

In 1941, she moved with her husband to Forest Grove, OR, while he served as president of Pacific University.  While there, she organized the Tualatin Valley Historical Society and a Junior Historical Society in Forest Grove, and opened the museum in Pacific's Old College Hall. 

She moved with her family to South Pasadena, CA, in 1953, and the following year to Montclair, NJ, where she worked with Dr. Giersbach, who served as secretary for special gifts for the Board of Home Missions of the Congregational Church (later, United Church of Christ).  Later moves took her to Cherry Hill, NJ, and finally to Howell, NJ, where she died on September 27, 1991.

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Monday, Oct. 24, 2016