Pacific University Visible and Prominent at Oregon Society of Health-System Pharmacists (OHSP) Annual Seminar

This past weekend, April 27-29, Pacific University School of Pharmacy was ever-strong in their participation and presentations at the Oregon Society of Health-System Pharmacists (OSHP) Annual Seminar in Gleneden Beach (Salishan).  Congratulations to all!  Please see the attached photos documenting poster session activities.

The school held a very successful alumni and friends gathering at Chinook Winds, where about 75 of us gathered to network and share our current activities, as well as memories.

OSHP Annual Seminar 2018 Poster Winners


2nd Place | Louis Kouch '16 - Kaiser Permanente Northwest – Decreasing Non-benzodiazepine Sedative Medication Use among Older Adults through Patient Education and Pharmacist Consultation: A Pilot Intervention Study


1st Place | Emily Weissgerber '19; Skyler Suchovsky '20; Jessica Slonaker '20; Phillip Wilmarth, PhD; Larry David, PhD; Phillip Yates, PhD; Nicola Carter, PhD – Pacific University & Proteomics Shared Resource Core - Proteomics Analyses to Elucidate Key Stress Response Candidates in Leishmania

2nd Place | Destini David '18; Rochelle Wolfram '18; Madeline Carpenter, PharmD – Pacific University - Myasthenia Gravis Crisis and Azathioprine Hypersensitivity: a case report and systematic literature review

2018 OSHP Scholarship Recipients

Saleh Batroukh '19
Rebecca Kimmel '19
Kayla Polman '19
Emily Weissgerber '19

OSHP Excellence in Education award

Ryan Gibbard, PharmD, Assistant Professor, Pacific University

OSHP New Practitioner of the Year award

Jessica Johnson, PharmD '12

OSHP Student Pharmacist of the Year award

Aron Beugli, PharmD candidate '18, Pacific University

OSHP Annual Seminar 2018 Posters

Ashley Jahn; Charlie Bodreau '18; Kate Farthing, Fawzy Elbarbry – Confluence Health, Pacific University, Legacy Salmon Creek - Utilizing a One-Compartment Pharmacokinetic Model to Assess the Risk of Propylene Glycol Toxicity in Alcohol Withdrawal Patients Receiving Intravenous Benzodiazepines

Anna Woods, Mika Michaels, Jared Stockwell '14 – Providence Medford – Evaluating a Pharmacist-Led Education Program to Reduce Readmission of COPD Patients as Part of a Collaborative Team-Based Program

Saleh Batroukh '19, Van Nguyen '20, Fawzy Elbarbry – Pacific University – Vancomycin Dosing and Monitoring:  Is it Time to Evaluate the Current Practice?

Ana Bienvenida, Gregory Tallman (incoming Assistant Professor), et al – OSU/OHSU – Incidence and Risk Factors for Recurrent CMV Viremia in Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Brandi Gore '18, Dan Neal (Affiliate Professor) – Pacific University & Roseburg VAMC – Implementing Measurement Strategies to Capture the Workload of Clinical Pharmacy in a Health System Setting as Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Arthur Nguyen '20, Karen Seo '19, Deepa Rao – Pacific University – Combinatorial Polyphenol Treatment with Doxorubicin for Chemotherapy While Mitigating Cardiotoxicity

Mai Nguyen '18, Brendan Stamper – Pacific University – Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids: The Dangers of Contaminated Herbal Medicines and Teas

Sandy Ninh '18, Mai Nguyen '18, Madeline Fry – Pacific University – Public Perception of the Role of Pharmacists in Oregon

OSHP Annual Seminar 2018 Presentations

Fawzy Elbarbry – Pacific University - Concurrent Therapy of Aminoglycosides and Penicillins; What to watch for.

May. 7, 2018