Pacific Unveils All-Gender Restrooms on Campuses

The Pacific University Professional and Undergraduate Student Senates and the Center for Gender Equity will host a celebration Feb. 16 unveiling the university’s newly designated “all-gender restrooms.”

In an initiative led by students, the university has identified more than 30 single-user, locking restroom facilities to re-designate as “all-gender.” Most are ADA-accessible restrooms, as well.

New signage was installed in January on Pacific’s Forest Grove, Hillsboro and Woodburn campuses, as well as at its MFA Office in Portland.

A list of all-gender restroom locations is available online.

This initial creation of all-gender spaces on Pacific’s campuses is designed to help make the university more accessible for all members of the community. The “all-gender” language and signage was carefully chosen by students and other stakeholders to reflect the diversity of human experiences.

“All-gender restrooms are critical to providing basic services for members of the Pacific University community who may be transgender or gender-nonconforming,” said Martha Rampton, director of the Center for Gender Equity. “No one should have to make a political statement just to use a restroom. There is no reason we should reinforce an outdated gender binary.”

All-gender restrooms also serve other members of the community, she added, such as families with children or people who may require the assistance of an attendant when using the restroom.

The Center for Gender Equity and student senates will host a ceremonial ribbon-cutting at noon Feb. 16 in the University Center, where President Lesley Hallick will demonstrate her support of Pacific’s commitment to inclusiveness by cutting the ribbon. Refreshments will be served.

A brown-bag panel to discuss the day-to-day challenges faced by transgender individuals will be scheduled later this spring.

Feb. 12, 2016